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Breast reduction surgery

Reduction mammoplasty is the surgical method to reduce the size of the breast, improving the shape and position by removing breast tissue, fatty tissue and a considerable amount of skin in order to change the appearance of the breast. 

It is an alternative for women who suffer from disproportionate breast growth that causes physical problems such as back, shoulder and neck pain due to excess weight.

Advantages of breast reduction:
  • Decrease or disappear musculoskeletal pain (back neck and shoulders).

  • More aesthetic breasts.

  • Breasts proportional to the body.

  • Reduces irritation of the skin under the breasts and even prevents the formation of fungus in these areas.

  • Long lasting results.

Frequently asked questions

This type of surgery is for patients who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts and want to improve the physical and functional aspect of their breasts. It can be performed after the age of 21, since the hormonal development stage has been completed.

The reduction mammoplasty incisions are around the areola, then down the breast forming a kind of anchor along the breast. The plastic surgeon is responsible for removing part of the mammary gland, excess fat and skin to reduce the size of the breasts and improve their positioning.

This type of procedure must be performed under general anesthesia under the supervision of an anesthesiologist for the patient's safety.

It is an outpatient surgery, the duration period is between two and three hours depending on the amount of tissue and the technique selected by the plastic surgeon. It is performed under general anesthesia and recovery is quick. The pain is medium, it is controlled with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics are prescribed to avoid the risk of infection. The stitches are removed between twelve and fifteen days after surgery.

Recovery is gradual. During the first week the patient who underwent this procedure may wear a wound drainage hose on each breast to control the swelling and seroma that occurs as a response of the body. The patient must use a compression bra that provides specific pressure to promote blood flow and control the inflammatory process, during this first week will have limited movements that can be resumed effectively with physical therapy and the passage of time. for the second week the patient recovers mobility and gradually may begin to integrate activities. The average recovery time is 4 weeks.

The results of this procedure are permanent, however there are external factors such as hormonal and dietary habits that may interfere with the long-term results.


Technical data

Hospitalization: 1 night or outpatient

Anesthesia: General

Surgery Time: 2 – 3 Hours

Resting Time: 7 – 15 days

Dr. José Cortés

Dr. José Cortés

Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon graduated from the Autonomous University of Mexico.

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