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Mastopexy is a procedure that solves the sagging of the breast tissue, by repositioning the breast, areola and nipple, to obtain a more aesthetic shape. Excess skin is removed and if necessary, it is recommended to place a breast implant.

The choice of volume depends on each patient, but always taking care of the proportion with the thorax, to achieve balance and harmony.

How is the procedure performed?

There are different techniques depending on the sagging of the breast.

Minimal sagging: An incision is made around the areola that allows the lifting to be done through internal sutures giving shape to the breast. It is indicated in patients who have a slight sagging of about 2 cm. 

Moderate sagging: when the sagging is greater, the incisions are extended vertically, as a continuation of the scar around the areola. This allows the excess skin to be removed and the volume of the breast to be adjusted in order to reposition it.

Severe sagging: When there has been a significant sagging and the breast tissue is abundant, an inverted T-shaped cut is made. The scar will be in the natural groove of the breast, around the areola and vertically.  This is to be able to lift your breast and reposition the areola that also with weight changes or pregnancies falls from its original place.

Frequently asked questions

Women with breasts that are not very firm, sagging or with excess skin, patients with significant weight loss or women who have suffered the effects of gravity over the years.

It is done under general anesthesia with the accompaniment of an anesthesiologist for proper monitoring throughout the surgery.

The surgical procedure lasts three to four hours depending on the size of the breast and the technique used.

This is an outpatient surgery. You can resume your normal activities eight days after surgery. It is necessary to attend all postoperative controls.  You will need to wear a post-operative bra that keeps the breast in its new place. It is not necessary a major compression, compressing it exaggeratedly can cause unnecessary suffering of the tissues.

It is recommended rest, good hydration, use of antibiotics for a few days after surgery and an analgesic in case of pain.

The effect of this procedure is permanent; however, you must keep in mind that changes in the body can affect the result.

Technical data

Hospitalization: Not required

Anesthesia: General

Surgery Time: 4 Hours

Resting Time: 8 days

Dr. José Cortés

Dr. José Cortés

Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon graduated from the Autonomous University of Mexico.

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