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facila profiling and harmonization

Facial contouring and harmonization

Facial harmonization serves to solve these effects of aging and others derived from the lack of body volume, such as the lack of development of cheekbones, chin or buttocks, we use the technique or fat filling.


What is facial profiling and facial harmonization?

Mandibular profiling consists of balancing facial harmony by achieving a good projection and definition of the angles of the jaw. One of the strongest aspects to harmonize is the lower third of the face, the mandibular profiling achieves a better definition by modifying the different angles of the face to achieve balance and symmetry.


Frequently asked questions

To achieve facial harmonization in aesthetic medicine we have several options that can be adapted to achieve your goals.

Either surgically or non-surgically with the help of your plastic surgeon you can find the best method for you.

 One of the most effective surgical methods is to perform facial harmonization with facial lipostructure. This consists of obtaining fat from our own body and then injecting it in specific areas with special cannulas, giving very favorable and lasting results. It can be performed under local anesthesia, local anesthesia supplemented with sedation or general anesthesia.

The following surgical method is one of the most frequent and consists in the placement of mandibular implants that help patients with greater asymmetry problems, the application of these implants does not leave visible scars since the incisions are inside the mouth, they are made of silicone to provide natural results and are fixed with a special titanium screw so that there can be natural movement, with this method very flattering results are achieved.

The last method and the most common today is the use of dermal fillers or fillers, these are injectable biomaterials compatible with the body that manage to give volume and support to the tissues, they are easy to mold, provide good immediate results and the pain is minimal because topical anesthesia is used to make the intervention more comfortable. For facial contouring you can use hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, both products are injected and must be applied by your plastic surgeon who will determine the areas to be treated and the type of product required to achieve a good facial harmonization.

The recovery time depends a lot on the method you want to perform or that best meets your goals, in the case of facial lipostructure recovery is 7-10 days period in which the inflammatory process decreases to -60% and the patient can return to their daily activities taking some precautions such as avoiding sunbathing. The pain is medium and is controlled with analgesics, the patient can go to physical therapy to accelerate the inflammatory process and reduce pain.

For mandibular implants the recovery is a little slower due to the inflammatory process. The patient will take between 10-15 days to reduce swelling by 50%. For this, the patient should eat soft foods that allow easy swallowing without having to carry a great chewing process to keep the implants in place, can attend physical therapy to reduce the inflammatory process, recover faster jaw movements, avoid fibrosis and reduce pain.

When a patient undergoes a treatment with dermal fillers or fillers the recovery is between 2 and 4 days, it is important to avoid sun exposure.

Depending on the procedure and characteristics, it can range from local anesthesia to general anesthesia.

It is an outpatient procedure.

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Dr. José Cortés

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