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mentoplasty without surgery

Mentoplasty without surgery

In cosmetic surgery we have some minimally invasive alternatives to improve our facial harmony, with immediate results and a short recovery: these are the well-known dermal fillers, products that are biocompatible with the human body.

What is Mentoplasty without surgery?

To obtain the best results in the projection of the chin, the most suitable are hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite or polycaprolactone, since they are materials that can be easily molded and stimulate the production of collagen. 

Chin augmentation with dermal facial fillers consists of applying these injectable biomaterials to give volume, projection and/or height to the chin in order to harmonize facial features.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider are: 

– The results are immediate 

– It is a reversible procedure

– They are materials that stimulate the production of collagen.

– The pain is minimal

– It provides facial harmony

– Results are not permanent

– May cause transient bruising

It is a treatment that must be repeated

Mentoplastia Sin Cirugía

Frequently asked questions

The application of facial fillers is quick, about 20 minutes.

It is an immediate recovery. Normal activities can be performed the next day.

Topical anesthesia is used and does not require hospitalization.

Technical data

Hospitalization: Ambulatory, no hospitalization required.

Anesthesia: Local with sedation

Surgery Time: 1 Hour

Resting Time: Not necessary

Dr. José Cortés

Dr. José Cortés

Graduated as a Surgeon from the University of Guadalajara.

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